30 June 2006

I like candy...

so when Lelainia posted that she was hosting a candy dish swap, I thought, Gee what fun! I signed up and started searching for a dish to send off to my partner in TX. I am still waiting for it (eBay) but have been picking up soem candies to send along with it.

While I was away at AFF, a package arrived for me from the lovely Ms Kim with MY candy dish in it. Its so pretty, pressed glass in pink. A perfect compliment to our little cottage home. I mentioned that I liked cofee flavored candies so she sent me 2 boxes and soem caramels and soem M&Ms. In addition she sent me this FUN pink coffee mug and a starbuck's gift certificate! Yay!! Its like she lives right next door to me and knows my taste! Thanks sooo much Kim. What a nice treat to come home to!

Candy Dish Swap
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  1. That is gorgeous! See? Now isn't that going to give you loads of inspration in your studio?!? A Starbucks card-YIPEE! And coffee candies-YUM!!
    *snakes hand out to steal one*

  2. so glad you like your surprises!!
    it was so much fun to look for th treasures!! cannot wait for the next swap adventure!!
    happy 4th~*~*~*~

  3. What a great idea for a swap! The dish is lovely, and I absolutely love that pink mug! Sip a cup of coffee for me!