21 June 2006

and away we go...

I went to bed early last night with a horrible migraine. Then I woke up at 4:30 this morning due to excitment. I am tossing the last few items into my bag and getting ready to leave. I can't wait to meet up with Joleen at the airport and then head off to the college for 4 days of art, fun and friends!! It will be weird to not log in and blog or read groups or yahoo but maybe we can find a few spare moments with one of the college computers. I'll be back Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Illustration by Teesha Moore.


  1. Wahooo!! I can't wait to see you on Friday night! Methinks the three of us could get in some trouble on Sunday too...and hey - you can always check in on your blog and e-mail from my 'puter Sunday night...

  2. Have lots of fun!!!! and try to remember everything you do so that you can fill us in when you get back!!!

  3. oh boy you have had your share lately

    And a migraine to boot !

    Weird - my migraine hit me like a train last night too .... !

    Imitrex Darling IMITREX !!!

    I just can't survive the pain of them anymore. It takes about three hours to make the pain go away but it is so much better than being attacked by light and sound and being in pain.

    I would drink monkey pee if you told me it would get rid of a migraine.

    Anywhooo! So sad I am not at AFF....wah. But hope you will tell all about it and have a great trip !

    Love, S.