01 May 2006

buttons, banners and blossoms

I should be working on my wee quiltlets or mermaid pages for the mermaids fat book but since I cut them all and folded them ( my LEAST favorite part or chubby book construction) I am allowing myself to play with Photoshop a bit more. I had a couple of comments on my blog asking for assistance in sprucing up some friends' blogs so I have created some more banners which will soon be gracing more Blogs. Check these out for Becca (you're going to have to post now!):

and Laura:

Neither of the gals has seen them yet so if they peek in here. SURPRISE! I hope you like them!

I have been working on some shadow boxes and heart tags for a swap but I snuck in a few minutes to do this quick page for the Blossoming charity book to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It will be auctioned off some time in June or July.



  1. boooooooooooooootiful!

    now the only question is, how do i get it into my blog? i never quite figured out how to change the entire layout - only the sidebar.

    (and i'm gonna post RIGHT NOW)

  2. Woohoo!!! Thank you so very much for making my blog such a beautiful place!!!! You are really talented! I can't wait to delve into the world of alphabetica with you! and also to continue reading Portals!! lots of love, laura