30 April 2006

fun with PhotoShop

Joleen's creation of my new blog look and these fabulous and FREE PS brushes by Jason Gaylor got me inspired to take a dip back into the digital collage/ art pool. I have been dallying with PS the past couple of days and have created new blog headers for:

This last one is for my friend Sharon who is getting ready to launch her blog (so it doesn't link yet) after succuumbing to much nagging by myself and Joleen. If you are really nice and catch me on a creative computer day, I may just whip up a new header for you. Post a comment and be sure I can email you.

Speaking of blogs.. I really enjoy Judy's Blog. Not only do I enjoy reading her day to day entries but I love her artwork and the fact that we share a passion for mermaids. I commented on one of her pieces asking if I could get a print of it and dear Judy sent me the file so I coudl print it for myself! Wasn't that sweet?! Lookie:

So that is about it for computer fun. We got a dose of summer today! A big change from the fog and chill of yesterday. We took advantage of the warm weather to work in "Hannah's Garden" and got the arbor put up! I started turning over soil so tomorrow teensy and I will probably get some flowers to plant. Pictures coming...


  1. oh Heather! I love my new look!! I am so beautiful!! Thank you Thank you!!!

  2. NICE LOOK!!! :)

    Mine's verrry boring......*wink*

  3. Love the new look. Very fresh. The banners you are doing are awesome, I need more time in the day to play with PS...

  4. Hi Heather! This is Laura, one of your alpha girl friends....I am just about to launch a blog.....do you think you could help me with a banner???? I would say that you could just tell me how to do it, but I know I would not be able to comprehend such information being a technical illiterate.......if you have time it would be great, if not don't worry......Today, Beth, in our group also, had to tell me how to go about adding a second blog entry....yikes! love, laura

  5. WOWZER, your blog headers are FABULOUS!!! Any chance you might share where you got the cool bird you used in one of your headers? Love the look of it! The mermaid is most lovely too. Thanks for the link over to Jason. His brushes are WONDERFUL. I am in the process of learning Elements. I am hoping they will work with that version of PS.