02 May 2006

bright sunshiney day

Yay more sunshine today. Maybe spring has actually sprung and we can give up on building that ark we have in the back yard. The wee one was feeling much better today and went to daycare which allowed me time to work on lots of art things and do lots of laundry.

I am pleased that I actually sewed up ALL my quiltlets for the swap with other gals who will be attending Art Fiber Fest in June. As I mentioned the theme this year is nests/ eggs which is also the theme for our swap. I am making each of my teensy quilts unique and finished 2 more today. I love them both in different ways. The "shabby" one is actually an extra and will go in H's room once I get it fitted with eyelets (argh!)


This second quitlet has become my current favorite and will probably be the one I have included in my wall hanging once they are all swapped and assembled. It uses lime green (my fav) and couched silk sari fibers around the edge.

I have more projects to share but I am going to stash them away so I have something to share tomorrow. The other thing I DID get accomplished today is that I smooshed some paint on my blank journal that is intended for the Alphabetica RR being hosted by Marilyn Healey. Tackling a new book is always difficult, much like staring at a blank white piece of paper; so I jumped right in.. added paint, some paper and found a cool piece of vintage fabric to attach. I still need to come up with a theme (IF I do a theme) and do a sign in page (anyone have any cool ideas?) and actually MAIL it before May 20... where does the time go?


  1. Everything looks great. I'm glad you had some time to art today!

  2. LOVE love love the quiltlets. I wanted to join in that swap, but I knew I would not have the time! Argh! Maybe someone will be making them to swap at AFF? That would be cool!

    As for theme-what about doing yours as words you relate to art-artist, beauty, creativity, dreams, energy, fearlessness, generousity, happiness, intuition, joy, etc. I think that would be really cool!! You could either let people choose their own words, or you could proovide the list and ask them to interpret each word.

  3. Love the green one, the pinking aroung the edges of the image and all the fun stitching. it ROCKS!

  4. Hey Heather.....

    I'm not coming up with any great shots of Sophie (dog) but was wondering if you could use the little boy picture from my blog ???? The one titled something like "just for the girls"..

    If not, I'm just gonna let you be your talented and creative self and I'll trust you in anything you would do for me.

    Vintage would be my key theme and with black, I love creme...go figure. If I were to choose a bright color, probably mustard. Does that help ????

    For any kind of saying, I like things that question your mind.....for example:
    Hold your nerve. If you're not living on the edge, your're taking up to much space. -Anon

    Or, any saying by Brian Andreas. Do you know his work ???? If not, check out
    www.storypeople.com He is my all time FAVORITE !!!!!! If one of his sayings went with a vintage picture, that would be amazing. I hope this gives you plenty to work with.
    Thanks again....Hugs, Beth
    ps...tell me again what it is that you need to upload on my blog.

  5. I really love those quilitlets. I'd love to get in on one of those swaps sometime. What fun! Hope you're having a sun-shiney day! Blessings...

  6. Heather, I love the quiltlets!