03 May 2006




I have been challenged to a challenge. Joleen (knowing how much I hate to have my picture taken) challenged me to participate in the new Self Portrait Challenge. ( formerly Self Portrait Tuesday) This morning I broke out my trusty camera and attempted to take about 12 shots of myself while be climbed on by a ham of a two year old. I hate every single picture and tried to weasel out of it but Joleen is prodding me on saying she doesn't care if they are blurry, out of focus or what.. so here I go.



  1. I love it! You look sohpisticated, well read, artistic, and can handle being climbed on by a two year old. I love the eyes. I was thinking of suggesting doing this to my circle of blogger friends. Thanks for being brave enough to do this.

  2. Heather, I love your portraits! You have the prettiest eyes, you know...I'm loving your short 'do' too! So when I get my blog up do I have to do this too?

  3. Greg/husband5/4/06, 12:31 PM

    Personally, I LOVE your face, especially your eyes.

  4. It cool Heather!! Great exercise!!

  5. there you are! i'm so glad you're doing this heather. you're beautiful! such stunning eyes! :)

  6. Gee, i think these photos are terrific and that you are a very beautiful person both inside and out!