10 January 2006

Inspirational Tomes...

Since I only got one item off my Amazon wish list for Christmas and I had soem gift certificates buring a hole in my pocket I decided to "tidy up" my wishlist a bit.
This was ordered some time ago but arrived today!

I haven't had time to peruse it properly but upon quick inside inspection I am very excited about this book! I can't wait to check it out cover to cover.
At the top of my bedside stack is this new book from Danny Gregory. He wrote/ illustrated a wonderful book called "Everyday Matters" that I picked up about a year ago. It was very inspiring to me so I am excited to be reading through this new one.


  1. That second book looks like fun!! I may have to find it in a book store here!!! I need some good reading material :)

  2. those are on my wish list too!

  3. I love the Danny Gregory book, but the other is the same ol' stuff! It is nice to look at but not totally impressed with it.

    Hope your doing a little better!!!