16 January 2006

In which I got the blues...

Man, don't you just hate that post holiday let down and crappy weather? My muse has gone on vacation (to somewhere tropical no doubt) and I am here struggling to meet my art deadlines. Stuff just isn't flowing even though I keep trying. I just feel lethargic and apathetic about everything.

I went to a Stampin' Up stamp camp with my buddy Marie on Sunday. It was fun to hang out with her and have no kids or hubbies calling. I was worried I would find it boring and I wouldn't want to follow the projects that they teach but it was fun and it was also kind of a relief to just follow instructions and not have to rely on the old muse for a day. We made a cute Valentine's card (which I can't share yet), a neat asian flavored card using mailing labels and a fun scrapbook layout which we adapted because we didn't want to make New Year's resolutions in actual WRITING! We had food and fun and it was relaxing. I got a couple of background stamps and a dozen ink pads because my ink pad supply is sooo sad. I forgot to order black and white though. Doh! I am going to get those from Joleen's Mom soon though.

In other news, one of my "resolutions" is to get the studio back into order. Its become the pit of despair again after the holiday when it became a virtual dumping ground for anything we couldn't put away. I have actually gotten it to where I can WALK in there again and have been working on my desk in the midst of three in progress projects, but today, (with a little encouragement from Joleen) I decided to deal with my paper. I currently keep all my 12 x 12 paper in a 4 drawer Rubbermaid type thingie. Everything is mixed up, crammed in and disorderly and I can't deal with it any longer. I don't even know what I have! SO I got one of these wire racks at Target and put it together using the extra pieces as additional shelves for paper. Can you beleive that someone is actually trying to sell the "plans" for this on eBay for $5!! Just go to Target and pick up a 6 cube wire organizer for about $15 and a package of zip ties! Sheesh, how lame do you have to be to not be able to figure that out?? I actually used pipe cleaners to assmeble mine since we didn't have any zip ties and I couldn't get out to get any. I will reinforce them with zip ties at some point, but I digress. Here is what I built. ( Hannah already started filling it with paper) Tomorrow I hope to get it mived into the studio and filled with paper.

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  1. Oh! That turned out really well. I'll have to get one of those when I get rubber stamp holder too. What section is this in? I had planned on throwing paper in drawers but I can see how that can make a big mess. Thanks for the idea! :)

    PS- Hope your muse comes home soon!!