26 January 2006

In which I play with metal...

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Despite being sick with a yucky head cold I have FINALLY managed to accomplish something on my metal pages which are due NEXT Wed. in NM! eeep!

Hannah and I stayed home sick today but fortunately Greg came home early to take care of us. While H was napping I snuck into the studio and worked on the metal pages. I have to do 9 of them and I have started so many times just to scrap what I was doing.

Today something finally clicked and before I knew it was was painting and gluing and punching holes like crazy. I have 5 pages ready for the embellishing and 4 more in various stages of doneness. I had to take a break for dinner and to let stuff dry.

Here's a peek the pages in progress. (Sorry the pix are so bad, these are REALLY hard to photograph.


By the way, I should mention that Greg was really awesome getting me going on these. Not only did he stop at the hardware store one day on his way home to pick me up some flashing but he also set me up with his dremel to sand off the edges and burs. FUN with power tools. Its so nice to have a supportive hubby! Thanks hunny!


  1. I'm glad I could help, because I love you Truly, Madly, Deeply

  2. AW I'm glad Greg is so supportive!! The pages look cool. Sorry you and H are sick...not fun!!