28 January 2006

artsy fartsy...

Well, it looks like my muse has come home all recharged and gung ho from where ever she ran off to. I hope it was some place sunny and tropical at least. I have been continuing work ok my metal pages. They REALLY need to go in the mail on Monday at the latest. I'd say they are 90-95% done but need a little embellishment and some papers glued on the backs along with my name! I have been struggling to get soem good pictures. I am afraid I am not much of a photographer and while I have a nice digital camera, I am not skilled enough to make it do what I want. It does not have a macro lens so catching small details is very hard. I called my Dad last night and he gave me some tips to try for shooting the metal pieces. If I get REALLY desperate I think I could convince him to squeeze me into his schedule. I will try again later today when my little "helper" is napping.

On another note, I got my kit from Teresa at PaperBella yesterday. She is very talented and founded Foofala which has very fun scrapbooking papers and goodies! She just launched her new website selling limited edition kits for various projects. Its kind of fun to get them because they are essentially a surprise until they arrive. This one is for a fun tri-fold bookcover picture frame and she sent along some little Valentine's goodlies too. I am hoping I can get it assembled with a picture of Hannah before Valentine's Day because it would make a great gift!

Well, no pictures this time. I have some in the camera of the wee ballerina that I will try to get uploaded later. Right now I am getting ready to run up to Michael's.. uh oh!
Have a great Saturday!

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  1. What kind of camera do you have? I might be able to help. i am so glad your muse has returned, perhaps she was here chatting mine up?