23 January 2006

love the pink, love the red

I am addicted to tags! I am supposed to be finishing up fat book pages for 2 swaps by February 1 but I can't seem to put down the tags. I have been making many red and pink tags for a Valentine's themed swap on Chubbyville.
This one is my gramma back in he day. I have been enjoying using some of our old family pictures in my art lately.
PinkHearts Precious

I haven't really been neglecting my deadlines, just mostly stressing over the metal pages but the Vintage Valentine pages are close to be done. I just need embellishments.
In addition to all the art ( thank you for coming home muse) I have been trying to get things organized at home, and work on HannahGrey business and I am getting ready to merge the HannahGrey Yahoo group with the Chubbyville Yahoo group so we have just one big, happy family to play and make art. If you aren't already a member.. come play with us!


  1. yes yes yes, pink and red = ♥ ♥ ♥

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