15 December 2005

Its Christmas...

Picture 031
Picture 031,
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We finally got pictures of our tree put up. Its so cute and was a lot of fun to choose and cut. It smeels SOO GOOD! I don't know how people live witht he fakies when the real trees smell so yummy. So what of they shed a few pine needles.

Picture 030

If you click that little picture up there to the left you can see our mantle. We have a garland with lights, ceramic santas, stuffed mooses ( meese?), my crystal candle holders and our stockings. I am STILL working on Hannah's cross stitched stocking. At the rate I am going it will be done when she is 10. Gregs is the knit stocking on the right which his Mom made for him when he was little. My stocking was made for me my my Grandmother in 1979! Its all needlepointed and though the design is a bit juvenile now, it holds alot of sentimental value to me. Maybe I should take the name off and make is say "Hannah!". Hmmm...

I am also sharing a few close up shots of some of the ornaments that hold special meaning to me...

The bunny is a the one I had the hardest time photographing. It is a carved and painted moveable bunny which was Hannah's first ornament.

The mermiad is enameled and was a gift from my SIL last year. I collect mermaids so this was a special addition to my collection.

The wee kitty is reminiscent of my tiny kitty, Felini, who crossed the rainbow bridge in March of this year after 15 wonderful years. It is holding a tiny bell. Each time I see it or hear the little bell, it makes me thing of her.

The blender is a replica of an old school blender. My friend and business partner gave it to me as a fun prize earlier this year.

"Marge" was my first Christmas ornament. I had to make her out of a happy meal toy when I got my first tiny Christmas tree after moving out on my own.

I am not sure where I got the tiny cable car ornament but it is a San Francisco cable car (which I also collect as I was born in San Francisco)

and finally the small glass angel was a gift when Hannah was born.
Its been fun to have a larger tree this year, capable of holding some of our more treasured ornaments.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. beautiful! love the special ornaments, too! ♥