18 December 2005

Happy Holidays...


I guess I can share our holiday card now that they have all been mailed and most received. This is a photoshopped picture of Hannah that I turned black and white. I was trying a technique from Legacy magazine to just colorize certain features. After I got finished playing with it, Joleen added the snowflakes and words. I glued it on a blue matt and then attached them to silver cardstock. I love how pretty they are.

This is a page by Joleen from the Vintage Christmas chunky book which was hosted at Chubbyville. I didn't have time to sign up for this book so imagine my surprise when one showed up in my mailbox yesterday! I thought that the hostess must have made a mistake (I have mailed books to the wrong people before... LOL) but then I found a note saying it was a RAK from her and the rest of the participants. I love this page from the book by Lisa too..

Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco overnight for a little holiday shopping and cheer. The weather ain't great but it will be nice ot have a change of scenery and take Hannah to see the lights. Until then... be happy.


  1. I'm so glad you liked your book- I love mine!! Have fun in SF! ♥

  2. That photo of hannah is GORGEOUS!!
    Youre so lucky to get that chubby book. I can't wait to get going on one with CVille.