13 October 2005

In which we obtain a new look...

Yeah, so I have been bitching about how my Blog is boring and I don't have a banner.. yadda yadda.. well someday I will have a cool collagey one but until then, wonderful Joleen has made me this cool banner!! I tweaked the code til it looked ok. I know I hacked it messily but oh well, its up...

Not much else to report today. I spent a good part of the day completely ripping apart my studio ( let there be light!) so I can fit in a new wee desk I purchased at a fun shop downtown called "Heatherfield's." ( appropriate, eh?) I will set it up tomorrow and get my sewing machine set up on it. I am pretty happy with my organization even if everything is shifted around. I hope this will allow me to be more artistically productive! I will be sure to take pictures so everyone can see the before/ after pix of my studio.

In the meantime, I have stumbled across a few new Blogs that inspire me. They haven't been added to my favorites yet but I will soon:

Sweet Pea Kate

Marilyn Healey- Dumb Happens
and a current FAV!! so inspiring!!!:

Misty Eyed Art A N D... and really cool store...

Paper Relics