11 October 2005

in which Hannah likes socks...

Not a whole lot to report today. I have a case of the blahs. I dinked around in my studio today, managed to clear off some space and get rid of a bin. I found a cute little desk that I could potentially set my sewing machine up on if I can relocate my ebay clothes rack. Maybe in the shed?? If I can make the space I might be able to buy said desk. I did manage to finish some art and do my "Odd Faeries" page for a FAT book project. I decided to use Claudine Hellmuth's "poppet" style again after doing those ATC's...
Faerie of Lost Socks
"Faerie of Lost Socks"

Oh yeah! We got our new mattress set today. Select Comfort Sleep Number bed.. I am looking forward to a good sleep!!


  1. I love this page! It's such a fun collage. :)

  2. oh, cuuute collage! I would need help from this speciall ferie too, have lots of socks with no match! :-)