14 October 2005

In which.. I WANT IT!!

So after months of hemming and hahing about whether we can tough it out for another year in this teensy ( but CUTE!) house I was driving along one day and saw this other (CUTE!) house. I grabbed a flyer and wow!! Its 2 x the size of the wee house for a decent price (considering we live in central CA) I got off my butt and called our realtor. W ewent and looked at it today and I have to say, I think I'm in LOVE!

The house is about 95 years old but it was updated after "The" earthquake of 1989 and has been updated in the important areas... electricity, plumbing, foundation, roof. Its FUNKY but only cosmetically. The kitchen sucks but with some paint and tile I think we could live with it. It has a good sink and a dishwasher...and LOTS of storage. It has 4 ( 3 really) bedrooms with deep closets and a fireplace!! Its 2 stories! I've never lived in 2 stories.

Greg doesn't seem quite as enthused as I am. He isn't the uber handy homeowner type even though he did build some kick ass shelves for what is now the wee ones room and also a cool gazebo thing for our patio. I don't think he gives himself enough credit.. but I digress.. we are making our list of questions so we can go back in and inspect.. how big is the attic, is there hard wood lurking beneath the beige carpet?? How hard would it be to add central air? How DO you use a central vacuum? He ltalked to a lender and we will meet with her more in depth later this week...

Keep your fingers crossed that all the stars align and we can make this work. I'd LOVE to have a studio large enough for 2 and an office/ guestroom for Greg and a lawn for the wee banana to play on...

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad you blogged about it since we weren't able to meet up on aim. It's such a cute house! I really hope things work out for you.