15 October 2005

in which.. I am tired...

Its been a busy week in Casa Bluhm... I ripped apart my studio but its sooo much better now! LOOK!
new desk
This is my cute new sewing desk. Its wee and funky! I love it! and a window! Who knew that was there??? I had forgotten after having it buried behind 3 layers of STUFF!
clean studio
And this used to be a wall of despair with piles of inventory and work to be done and filed ( no fun:P). Now it is an organized cart of goodies that can actually be ROLLED out of the way to allow access to the China cabinet! yay me! I feel so much better in here now that I can BREATHE.

In other news.. that pesky Joleen caught me in a moment of weakness and asked me to fill in for a drop out in her {Taking Flight} book project. I said ok and here is my page.
TakeFlight TakeFlightbk
They still need to be printed and embellished!

...and finally I uploaded pix from the Renn Faire which we attended 2 weeks ago with the kids. Have you ever seen Baby Faeries?
baby faeries! faerie dance
baby faeries like to dance!!

Here is one more shot of the following weekend when just grownups went...I am not in my usual outfit as we had to costume our 2 friends so taryn ( on left) is wearing my green dress and her husband Adam is wearing my hat! The only thingon MINE that I am wearing is my bodice which I had to have refitted ( post baby) while there. I am wearing my Mom's outfit under it.
renn faire


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