16 October 2005

In which punkin gets a pumpkin.

wee punkin
wee punkin,
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We hung out pretty close to home yesterday because we had a bout of nasty weather (my favorite kind.. wind and rain) but not very condusive to outside play. Late in the afternoon we were reading Hannah's new "Cordorouy" (a bear) Halloween book when she set it down and declared, "shoes, bye bye". So spur of the moment we decided to go out and enjoy what had become a beautiful evening. We decided to go to a small roadside pumpkin patch since we have plans to go to a big, fancy, activity filled patch next weekend with the family.

Hannah is very excited about Halloween and pumpkins this year. She immediately ran up and tried to pick up a big pumpkin, but didn't have much luck as she told daddy, "heavy!, helping me!".

We decided to walk around a bit more but eventually Hannah and daddy picked out a nice big pumpkin and later she and I picked out a smaller, "baby" pumpkin.
big pumpkin
Hannah examines larger pumpkins.

Hanny 038Indian corn!
Indian corn is cool!

pumpkin sunset
Kind of blurry but I love this shot. They are STILL harvesting strawberries! Where else can you buy strawberries AND pumpkins??

Mommy & Hanny
Hannah & Mommy have fun.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. my husband is a punkin. and often is quite embarrassed in public, cuz I yell punkin around all sorts of folks!!