18 May 2005

general nothingness


This is a piece I am working on for a Wild Wild West themed book. I am stuck as to what to do for embellishment but I have time so I hope something clever comes to me. It was fun to use the magic mesh as a sort of stecil. The texture is cool.

I have been busy tying up all the loose ends of various swaps and books and such so I have more time to focus on the new biz after the wedding is over. The weather here has been scarily nasty but the sun came out this afternoon and the weatherman assures us we are in for beautiful weather over the weekend. I am sure T&J are relieved. I finished up Janda's favors today so that's good and tomorrow I will spend the day assembling the wedding flowers with my Mom. I am hoping Hannah will be feeling well enough to go to day care so I don't have to worry about watching her while trying to do said flowers. I hope Janda remembers to pick up my dress!

I feel pretty out of it so I am not sure what else to say at this point. Maybe I will share another pieced of art until I get more Hannay pix uploaded...

ATC done for an "Ethnic" themed swap.

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