14 May 2005

baby blues


I just borrowed Janda's copy of Legacy magazine which is about scrapbooking and Heritage art with a more artistic slant. It is by Stampington & Co.. If I were rich I'd have subscriptions to every magazine they put out, but I digress..

In this issue ( Feb./March) there is an article on Digital Tinting so I was playing around with this image of Hanny B and her baby blues. Its kind of fun. I tried to leave her lips pink but they looked like she had lipstick on against the greyscaled pictures so I dropped it and added just the faintest hint of pink to her cheeks. I look forward to practicing more!!

Spent the day with Mom since the guys are out whooping it up at Ted's bachelor party. The weather was gorgeous and Hannah got to spend plenty of time playing in the fountain. Lots of fresh air and sunshine made for a tired Hanny, Mommy and Gramma. We're all just vegging out now ( well hopefully Hannah is asleep). I am watching lame TV. God I hate reruns!!

Does anyone have any good book recommendations? Got an Amazon Gift Certificate burning a hole in my pocket!

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