25 May 2005

Ted & Janda get married...

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Pheew, the big day has come and gone. A week of colds, two solid days of flowers and setting up and the wedding was a success. Ted & Janda tied the knot on Saturday and are now off in England and Scottland on their honeymoon. Last we checked it was snowy in Scottland, a far cry from the warm temps we are finally experiencing here...
Here are some shots from the pre-wedding photo shoot in the San Jose Rose Garden.


thegroom blushingbride
and here is the much discussed bridesmaids' dress aka "the dress" in action... I managed to keep my bosoms under control for most of the day but shortly before the silly shot of me and Deb one of them did get free. I don't think anyone at the park got to see it thanks to Deb's quick bosom hiding reflexes. Later I applied much doublesided tape, to no avail, and generally spent most of the evening adjusting the straps on my dress and tugging the fabric to keep everything covered.

Me & Greg
gosh, we are so goofy...

Here is an ok one of me and the adorable Hanny B ( more coming soon!), The guy standing behind me was the bag piper and he was great.
a close up of one of the brideswomen's bouquets...( made by me!)

whew, that filled up a lot of space huh? Hmm, what else is new? Not much, just recovering from flowers and music and wedded bliss. Hannah has been extra cranky this week. I guess that is the price we have to pay for good behavior at the wedding where she was sooo good. I'll see if I can post some artsy stuff tomorrow.

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