07 March 2005


I am really getting into the knitting thing.. I blame it on Tam even though she doesn't know it, but when I was visiting her last year she tormented me with all sorts of fabulous yarns. Fortunately I have been the beneficiary of all her odds and ends which are long enough to do fun things with. In addition she has knit me a couple of very cool scarves, but that wasn't ENOUGH! and to add insult to injury there was a great Yarn and pie shop in WA where we had out BeadArt retreat last year and I was hooked!!

My aunt gave me my first lesson around Christmas but I soon developed a nasty sciatica flare up which forced me to put down the needles. I picked them back up a coupl of weeks ago and started a whole new project with some yummy fuzzy yarn I had and that was IT!! Hence the "weird scarf" project...

I worked on it alot on my way to San Francisco last week to visit my aunt. The commuter train is a great place to knit!! My aunt took me to a great yarn store called ImagiKnit. I was so amazed, overwhelemed and felt so intimidated that I didn't even buy anything. I am now kicking myself but at least I have some yarn stockpiled to use until I can get back up there. I am working on a new scarf now that will probably be for my Mom. Maybe some day I will attempt something other than a scarf! LOL

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