27 February 2005

winter whites

So here is the latest piece I have been working on.
Its for a book called Winter Whites. I had technically dropped the book some time ago when I was totally overwhelmed and over-extended but somehow I ended up on the list so I just went with it and this is what came up. I asked for some feedback on it and both of the gals I asked said it needed a bit more sparkle so I will play with my glitter tomorrow! We will probably be cooped up inside anyway as its really raining down in buckets now!!

Friday, Greg quit his job! We've been planning on this for some time as Greg has a new opportinity to run his own deal with a former co worker. Their phone is ringing off the hook!! He has been is such a good mood since he finally put in his notice. Its like having my old hisband back again, I am so happy for them. 2 more weeks and he will be free!

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