08 March 2005


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This is the "Oh My God" page for Barbara's OMG Chunky Book. We got to choose any subkect so I chose Hannah! This is nothing like the page I had envisioned but it is whimsical and fun. This scan is a little blurry but you get the idea. I am in the process of embellsihing all the copies to send off to her today! I also need to get with it and pack up a bunch of exchanges to mail out too but I am feeling a bit overwhelemd and tense right now.

Everything in the house is a mess because I am in the middle of 3 big projects.. painting our bedroom, painting the bathroom and relocating all my art stuff into one room while moving Greg's computer and stuff to another ( does that count as 2 projects??) I also plan to rip out the ugly built in closet in our room and replace it with a cool one from Ikea. So I guess that is more that 3 big projects.. LOL I think I will procrastinate today and go play outside in the sun with Hannah...

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