01 February 2005

what a day!

too tired to eat
too tired to eat,
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Poor little Hanny has a bad head cold. Lots of clinging and crying today combined with tears, drool and SNOT!! I wish she had had a moment like this one, which I caught Saturday, when she was too tried to even eat her lunch and fell asleep in her high chair. Only managed to get her to take a 45 minute nap.

In the few minutes when I did manage to get her distracted by books, crayons or too much TV today I finished up some of the ABC chunky books I hosted and actually packaged up a few of them to ship. I have to go spend a small fortune on stamps at the post office tomorrow so I can try to mail them by the weekend.

In other fat book news, Rose Mary is making good progress with the Let Me Count the Ways books so we should be getting them JUST in time for Valentine's Day. I designed the cover, which was my first digital collage!!

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