31 January 2005

after the bath

DecJan 012
DecJan 012,
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Heehee, after a bath Hannah was running around and I just couldn't resist snapping some of those pictures that will come back to haunt her when she is 16 and wants to go on her first date!

What a terror she has been the past few days. On top of a cold ( again!) I think she is getting some back teeth because her fingers are ALWAYS in her mouth. Poor kid. She is sooo BUSY these days, getting into everything and wanting to "help". I try to let her do as much as possible but some things just AREN'T safe. I get so frustrated sometimes and Greg doesn't get why I am so tired and grumpy by the time he gets home at night.

Today on Dr Phil he quoted a study that stay at home mom's work the equivalent to 2 FULL TIME JOBS!! Ha! I knew it...

DecJan 009

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