03 February 2005

up to my chin

Yep I feel as though I am JUST barely treading water the past week or so. Its amazing how BUSY toddlers are!! Hannah is into EVERYTHING.. today she managed to grab a big knife off the counter and I freaked out. I think I scared her but she scared me!!

Maybe I am not cut out for this full time Mommy gig. Its a point I give myself constant guilt over. What could I do to be a better Mom? What else should I be doing to make sure she grows up to be a happy and healthy person who people like? She seems smart despite not wanting to talk. She mimics so much of what I do and its really funny. I hope the wanting to vaccum and mop continues on into adolescence ( ha ha!)

In addition to full time baby wrangling I am trying VERY hard to get these ABCs books mailed off. They are all done and I have been stuffing them into envelopes in my free baby free minutes ( which are few and far between). Right now Hannah is napping and I am just enjoying some QUIET and the nice sunny weather we are having this week.

Take a look back later for pictures of the whole ABC book binding process.

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