15 May 2012

musings and a winner..

Hello People...
Mother's Day flowers.. love.
Thanks for popping in here today. I seem to have been hearing a lot of crickets around here lately and it brings me back to considering just closing the blog. I dunno, I go back and forth a lot in my head. 

Last week started off on a high and then quickly devolved into a serious low. I am still feeling the funk as I try to readjust my sails. Handling family can be so complicated and I am trying very hard to redraw some of my personal boundaries. I am both cursed and blessed that my parents are in our lives so much. I think it is wonderful for Hannah especially since losing my FIL last year. Her only surviving grandparents are here and we see them several times a week. I wonder if that is making her take them for granted? I think it does and I am struggling with how to help her see them for the gift they really are and can be.
The sticky point is that circumstance have made it so that even though my parents divorced looong ago,  we are now all working together. Its wonderful at tomes and tedious at times too. I love my Mom so much, she has been my best friend at times and I know that she sacrificed so much for me and my brother. I am thankful for that but trying to maintain a healthy distance so that we can be in control of our own family. For both Greg and myself we are treading on new ground as my parents divorced when I was very young and his Mom passed away hen he was very young. We have no real model for an intact family.. life is always a learning experience isn't it??

Anyway, I guess that is what is bouncing around in my head. I had intended for Blogger to auto post some stuff while I was "out" but it didn't and I am not sure what's going on. I will have to go in and manually post those this week I guess.

In the meantime, thanks to those of you who stopped by to comment on my Monday post. I had Hannah choose a number and she picked #6 who is my friend Lelainia!! So since I already have your address, I will pop some cards in the mail to you. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Blogging has become a very quiet occupation of late...so many other social media outlets and the others seem "automatic" or "instant" compared with blogging.

    Family dynamics. I remember them well...the closeness sometimes being too close, trying to balance both sides of the family...we went through a lot of issues as well. Now there are no grandparents left and no aunts or uncles (I had one sister my husband is an only child). It's very quiet now and life is in balance. But I'd give anything to have those I love still with me for just a little longer. I think that's "normal" Heather. xo

  2. WOOHOO! Thanks Heather & Hannah!

    Yeah the family thing is complicated sometimes. The thing I always stand by is that we teach people how to treat us. Boundaries are a good thing and if someone is challenging us, it's kind of the Universe's way of finding out how serious we are about them. You can always choose be kind in your firmness in enforcing them.

    Grandparents are sacred.

  3. Grandparents are where we experience unconditional love so important. I didn't have it but I see it all the time in my children. Enjoy your parents for as long as you have them...no matter how bad it gets sometimes. I speak from experience. There were difficult days but now I miss my mother every day. I have crickets all the time over on my blog but I keep writing because it is joyful and you never know who's life you touch. Sending you a hug.