11 April 2012

Work Table Wednesday

Wow, Wednesday snuck up fast this week. We're kind of in a continuous cycle of dreary rainy weather this week. Fortunately we had beautiful weekend weather that allowed for an Easter egg hunt and all sorts of outdoor play. My friend Vicki was here over the weekend with her 3 kidlets and we spent much time in the studio with the doors flung open.

I had cleared the decks before she arrived and dug into my stash of fabric and paper so we could make ROD style journals. She wanted to make a travel journal for her girlfriend and I had a pregnancy/ baby growing journal for my bestie who is preggers!!

I am only sharing a few sneak peeks here because I haven't bound it yet and I don't want her to see the whole thing.
In this picture I am showing the flap I had to sew on because I made the cover and when I went to stick the signatures in it was too fat! Soo... I improvised and thus the flap was added. I am hoping I can get my sewing machine to sew the signatures in but I may have to hand bind it. I don't mind but my right shoulder has been killing me.

Anyway, following are a few more sneak peeks at some of the pages.

We don't know yet if the baby is a boy or a girl so I had to try to stay neutral in theme/ color but I tended a bit toward the girlie side. Even if the baby is a boy I guess its ok since the journal is for Mama :)

The other thing currently on my work table coffee table is some stitchery. Hannah had wanted to work on this piece that I had lying around and in the process she found the latest sampler I purchased from Charlotte. (Lying underneath) I will probably pop that in a hoop soon and start stitching on it. You may recall what I did with my last sampler from her.

This pattern is a freebie from Bad Birds. We'll probably make it into a pillow when she is done.

What are YOU working on? Pop on over to check out what these other WTW gals are working on: Julee, Barbe, Sherry.


  1. That baby/grow book is adorable Heather! And I love that it was too fat!! That means lots more for mama to include! Love the stitching..it's been years since I've done any of that and I always found it soothing and relaxing.

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  3. this is SO COOL! i wanna make one :)