04 April 2012

Work Table Wednesday...

Its Work Table Wednesday and we're so excited that our pal Sherry is joining in the fun this week. Also, be sure to see Barbe's cool post. She has been a busy bee. I think Julee is otherwise occupied with driving her little around but she may make an appearance. If you post a WTW post, be sure to let me know in the comments!

So, onto my worktable. Well, I have been busy experimenting with more soldering lately. I have been inspired by Facebook pal Christine Alane to go a bit outside my box and tackle soldering these hearts. I have had the stashed since I dug them out of an old barn at a friends ranch. The aunt that lived there was a serious hoarder, er collector of STUFF. I found so many treasures there and so much I have "stashed" for a special project. Some of the ornaments I used on my vintage ornament wreathes were from there.. along with these hearts. And to think these almost went out of the studio in my cleaning binge..

I have about a dozen or so of these blank glass (heavy) hearts. I set about adding foil tape after cleaning them really well. This is the first one I did:
and I have to say that I am really tickled with how it turned out. My husband saw it sitting on my table today and said he thought it was super cool too.

The next one did not go so well.. its the one with the pink embellishment. Its better now and Hannah soldered a loop to the bottom so I can add some danglies too it.

Finally, I did the one with the cameo today. I am only using a soldering iron and don't have a torch so I haven't been able to attach the embellishments with solder. I have been using clear silicone caulk and it seems to be doing the trick.

I am in the process of taping some others up and trying out different patterns. There is only really so much I can do with the tape itself so I think I might order a sheet of foil to play with on future versions. Its kind of fun to focus on this series of pieces. I have so many ideas!

Here is the picture I took just before heading back into the house. Its my main work table in the studio. It hasn't been this cleared off and organized in a looooong time :) It will be put to good use this weekend when my friend Vicki comes down.
What's on your work table??


  1. I love what you've done with these hearts Heather and considering you're just using an iron and aren't into the torch (yet!), I think you're on to something here! That first one looks antique, like it was always that way. The cameo gives the heart a whole different feel and I'm looking forward to seeing the "dangles" that you choose for the pink one...lovely to have Hannah's help!

  2. Heather I love the hearts! Glad I found your blog....and thank you for being so sweet for the link to my blog. Can't wait to see what is next!

  3. omg these are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a whiz with the soldering girl!!!