29 August 2011

In which I love my canvas

I LOVE photos.. vintage photos, school photos, snap shots and family photos. And while I have always snapped lots of pictures and had framed pictures around I have never felt compelled to do the "big portrait above the mantel" thing.

Well, this year things changed! When Joleen was here we set up a special photo shoot in which we borrowed my friend Marci's horse. We dressed up Hannah in a vintage dress that I had unearthed in a friends basement and my Grandmother's cowboy boots. Joleen gave her a beautiful hair do and we were off. We waited for the right light and then Joleen started working her magic.

Once she was done editing, I was just blown away and there were so many great shots to choose from. When I saw the shot above I just "KNEW" that I needed to have it enlarged and put on canvas.

FF to our trip to MN and when I got back there was an email in my box from Brendan at EasyCanvasPrints.com asking me if I'd be interested in doing a review for their photo canvases. "Heck ya!" I responded.

Brendan sent me the info I needed to order and I set off on my canvas creating adventure which really was an easy adventure! The site is super easy to use, spells out all the options and allows you to see your project in real time. I pressed the order button and waited..

My order arrived super fast and I skipped out to the FedEx truck to get it. I tore into it immediately (although it took a few minutes since it was wrapped so well) and jumped for joy at how beautiful my canvas is! The photo quality is great and the canvas wraps all the way around the wood frame. You can have the photo wrap around the frame or choose a complimentary solid color for the edges (like I did).

If you have been thinking about photo enlargements or early holiday shopping, hop on over to their site right now as they are offering 25% off ALL canvases PLUS standard shipping!

All in all, a great experience and wonderful product. I know I will be using them again for artwork and other photos and I am grateful for the opportunity EasyCanvasPrints gave me to review their product.