28 July 2011

hurry scurry

So far its been a whirlwind visit with Joleen. We have already done 3 photo shoots not including the mini shoot she did of me yesterday.
Tuesday, I had arranged to borrow a horse from my friend so we could do the mounted shoot I spoke about in my last post. It turned out amazing!! The light was so beautiful and Gem the horse was super good and H was sooooo pretty. Take a look at a sample of the images. I am SO getting the top left picture as a canvas!! I can't wait to get prints. Joleen's work is amazing and we had the perfect day to work that day. (minus Joleen's crazy shoes in all this dirt...lol)

Yesterday we had a lot of running around to do in addition to a family shoot for some friends of mine ( pop over to Joleen's blog to see) Earlier in the morning she crammed in a session with my BF's baby boy who is about to turn 1. He is soooo cute and such a little ham. She got tons of great shots of him and I am super excited to give my friend a little album for his birthday! Joleen loved that she got to raid my studio and garage for all kinds of fun props to use. :)

Here's a little mosaic J put together of our day. 1. props from my house 2. Hannah crafting 3. Cheesey Hannah 4. me and baby C at lunch 5. our streamers prop 6. golden ground and blue skies 7. succulent garden 8. checking in at GFF 9. boot scootin 10. grilled salmon salad 11. packing product 12. Mom & daughter

Today promises to be another busy day as the Festival starts tomorrow but we hope to squeeze in some fun crafting and friend time.

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  1. Your daughters looks stunning in those photos!!! Joleen's pictures are amazing!!! Glad you two are having this special time together.