23 July 2011

Inspirations & Things to Do

So, as I mentioned below somewhere, my bestie Joleen will be coming up to visit us for a week. She should be here some time Monday.. I can hardly wait. I always feel super inspired when I have someone to share studio space and daily life with. Joleen's visits always fill me with ideas and creativity.

Lately we have been tossing around all kinds of ideas for photo shoots as Joleen is working on building her portfolio for art school and I like having fun pictures of my girl and family. I have set up some photo shoots for her with some local friends while she is here but she also has all kinds of ideas for things she wants to try out.

One of the things I am most excited about is to do a shoot with Hannah on/ with our friends horse. Kind of in this style by JinkyArt, that Joleen found. It will be a bit different for Joleen to work with kids AND animals, but I have high hopes.

In addition to looking at all sorts of photo inspiration we have been saving ideas and pictures to Pinterest, notes books, Evernote, etc. I am sure we will have way more projects than we have actual TIME for but its fun to dream.

I have been wanting some kind of shabby sign(s) for my wall(s) in the new living room and when I saw these adorable signs on Pinterest I knew that was what I wanted to make!! I happen to have a piece of old aqua moulding stashed away somewhere ( I hope I can find it) that would lend itself perfectly to this idea. Now to just figure out what I want it/ them to say... and get Greg to cut the wood.

Here is the other things I am itching to make. Maybe when Jo is here I can finally round up the right materials.. LOVE these wrap bracelets and this tutorial looks pretty easy to whip up.

Til then, I am off to dream (and clean the studio!)



  1. Eeeeee!! I'm so excited! :)

  2. One of the great joys of life is sharing these kinds of passion with a friend! I am so glad you two will be able to gather together to dream and create!!