10 July 2011

in which I share a lot but suck at posting pictures...

Its been a BUSY couple of weeks since we got back from Oregon/ BlytheCon and I know I still owe pictures. I have them, but they are STILL in my camera and I have been too lazy to upload and edit them. I suck like that.. just other things occupying my time and I haven't wanted to spend much time on the computer as of late. I owe big apologies to Kathy and Jenn for that.. I know I still have odds and ends to do for your blogs.

Dresser before- After pix coming soon!
Anyway, in between "summer fun" and TRYING to get some work done with a small person home all day, I have been in mad cleaning, purging, redecorating mode. I finished my "project" dresser and turned it into an entertainment center to house all the yucky looking electronic components that accompany our new FLAT SCREEN TV (woot). In addition I have moved out a bunch of unwanted furniture, scrubbed our hardwood floor, turned a side table into a coffee table, painted chalk board paint on a kitchen wall, rearranged, cleaned, purged and generally driven my husband crazy (he doesn't deal with all this change very well) although he is being such a good sport!

Now I am trying to do the little stuff, like more purging and putting the room back together. HOW do people HIDE the everyday cluttery stuff? Where do the people whose blogs I read on decorating, etc stow their mail/ keys/ shoes/ kids stuff? Is everyone REALLY more organized than I am? I are they all just hiding it for the pictures? I am tired of living with clutter. I am TRYING to get rid of stuff but I don't want to get rid of everything. This part is hard. I don't expect to live in a Pottery Barn catalog but the clutter must go...

ok, I am going to end my rambling rant here and share some of the some fun projects that I still want to do:

- make new pillows a la Charlotte Lyons! (I did one of her samplers.. and am working on one of Pam's)
- make some silhouette art for the wall!
- finish painting the hidey spot that I uncovered with the furniture rearrangement

and I have to go through the bins of "stuff" I packed up fro the room. They are in the extra room right now and need to be cleared out before the 25th when my bestie comes to visit for a WHOLE WEEK!! and I need to finish straightening up the studio because we are going to want to hag out in there and I will need a place to work on the projects on my list.

Anyway, I guess that is enough rambling for today. I promise to take pictures soon!

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  1. You have been so busy! I hope to start being busy this week. I'm finally on my summer vacation. Of course it is starting with me being sick, lol, but job #1 is trying to deal with the clutter in my kitchen. Please let us know your solutions! Have fun with Joleen!