01 April 2011

cards + inspiration

I am posting more cards today, decided I wanted to share the ones I had received as well! I got this one and it scanned a bit wonky but you can get the idea. I love that it looks like its a journal page, or a few that Susie put together to make a collage. I wish I could do freer art like this, sometimes I get so pent up.

Anyway, Susie didn't provide a link so I am not sure if she has a blog or not but the quote she shared with me was:

"The capacity to CARE is the thing which gives LIFE its deepest SIGNIFICANCE." ~ Pablo Casalas 

Thank You Susie :)

And below is one of the postcards I sent out. I did all originals ( except one, because I ran out of time) and a handful were inspired by Christy's "SHE art" class I took. Like this one:

I am not sure what quote I shared on the back because I just did them and threw them out in the mailbox so I wouldn't be late. Anyway, I have a commission for a custom "SHE girl" for a friend so I am going to hit the studio and enjoy this sunshiney day. Hope you do too!

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