05 April 2011

cards and more cards

Oops, I forgot to post any cards yesterday.. Here I sit, unprepared, with only scans and no quotes prepared or notes of who created which. I will have to update that part later. But I have a bit of time to kill so I am going to post a handful of cards now.

This pretty card is SO PERFECT for spring. I LOVE the colors, they are what is inspiring me now. Love the little bird perched on her arm and the happy pink background :)

Here is another "SHE" inspired card I made. I used some Heather Bailey paper for the dress and painted the background and girl per Christy's class. I added a bit of real lace and some rhinestones to bling it up a bit. Hope they made it through the mail :)
 Forced myself to use a little purple on this one. Its my least favorite color but I try to push myself out of the box periodically. I used some seam binding around the edge of the picture which was taken by my friend Kim Carney. I WISH I could find some peonies in my area. I need to plant some.. (I keep saying that.) LOL I am pleased with the texture and colors. Hope the recipient is too :)

Finally, I got this other cute London inspired card. Again, gotta look up the artist and quote but I wanted to share it today. I was fun getting all these inspiring cards in the mail. I got 2 more yesterday so I need scan those to share with you all.

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