25 October 2010

of journals and junk

Hi all, I am around but feeling a bit under the weather. I have finally figured out that one of my migraine triggers is the changing weather systems. With fall finally arriving, we have had some definite weather changes with wind, rain and now some cold weather pushing through. We're supposed to get more rain later in the week and I think all of this change is wrecking havoc on my sinuses and stuff. ugh

I really don't like feeling like this. Its hard to do much of anything. I don't even feel like making art and that pretty much sucks but now even my chores are falling behind as well. I couldn't take H out to the stable to ride today. I just want to go lie down in a dark room and sometimes I just want to cry.

Eep, I'm sorry this has turned into a whiney post. It didn't start out that way. I had a really nice weekend with the family, hiding out from the rain, enjoying our newly cleaned out chimney and wood burning stove with the recently discovered glass door. (yay) Hannah and I dabbled in paper clay and paper maché which was fun. I need more practice. And I played in my journal. So onto something happy to look at today.. a print n journal page that you can play with yourself, if you wish..

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  1. Feel better soon, hon. It sucks to feel so yucky...take good care of yourself and don't beat yourself up over it.