05 October 2010

do me a favor...

Hi everyone!
My friend Bernie and her pet rescue ( A Place to Bark) are in the running for the GoDaddy commercial contest! The winning prize is $250,000! Wow! That could go a long way to saving so many animals from death row and that's why we want to win this amazing opportunity!

Please CLICK THIS LINK ( http://tinyurl.com/3xkt4wp) and then go and vote a rating of 5 on her commercial. 5 is the highest rating and you can vote ONCE A DAY! Then tell all your friends! Post on Facebook, Twitter and email your friends too!

Leave a comment here if you go vote and I will put you in a drawing for some journal goodies. This is so important I really want to support Bernie and help her to the win..


  1. wonderful cause. do I create an account to vote? thanks for the link!

  2. I voted! Bernie so deserves to win!