12 October 2010


Sorry I went missing for a few days there. Things just got a bit more nutty than usual last week. I tackled one of the things that I have been procrastinating on though, which was actually binding some of the multitude of journal signatures INTO A COVER!! I tend to work on loose pages or in signatures so I can manipulate them more or stick them under the sewing machine but I wanted to challenge myself to work with a bound book this time so I compiled some finished pages, with some "Kelly style" pages and threw in a few "ROD style" pages for good measure and voila.. my big book of.. German?? LOL this is the cover I used. I still need to decorate it :)

By the way. Whether you have or haven't, please take the time now to go vote for my friend Bernie's commercial on the GoDaddy contest. There is just a week left to go and we are trying so hard to keep her in first place so she can win the funds to keep her shelter going. Thank You!!


  1. lovely inspirational pages...thank you much for sharing! ;)

  2. Great journal pages, Heather!

  3. This is amazing, love it