24 September 2010


Finished 3 journals today but need to photograph them for Etsy. This is the first one I am listing and hope to get to the others tomorrow. I am going to try to list some other bits and bobs up there too because I am trying to regain control of my studio space and I know someone could use some of this stuff but it probably won't be me. Thanks for checking it out :)

PS. If you haven't done so but want to, there is still time to scroll down to my giveaway and toss your name in the hat.


  1. great journal, Heather!
    Thanks for stopping by today! I'm so glad someone else loves green too like I do! xo

  2. Hi Heather,
    I just scrolled through all of your pretty journals on this page. They are very artistic and this one above is very elegant, too. Like you I'm a super big fan of thrifting!!!
    Have a creative weekend!