18 February 2010

paper goodness

As I have posted before, I am obsessed with the Remains of the Day journals I learned about in Mary Ann Moss's class. While on a hunt for various papers to use my BFF Shosh of Hannah Grey started selling off paper packs from the shop inventory and her own stash in an attempt to clear out some space in her studio. In addition her husband lost his job before Christmas after 10+ years at Adobe and she is just trying to make ends meet. Well, to get to the point, this is one of the pictures of the pack she pulled for me!! Fabulous stuff and all sorts of goodies for journals, ATCs, collages etc.

She still has stuff left and YOU can get one of her fab packs too. If you are interested, please check out her blog . She has more pictures posted and her packs are only $15 for a huge 2.5 gallon zippy stuffed to the brim + shipping in a priority box. This is good stuff!

In addition she is selling off all kinds of odds 'n ends that have been phased out of the shop; new rubber stamps, magazines (new CPS & SS for $5 a box! + shipping), and various doohickeys for a fraction of the price. Email her to get more info and pricing or if you are Facebook you can check out her stuff there.


  1. I quick ran over and waiting on being a friend! this looks awesome! I'm liking what your journal is becoming. Each artist has such a unique day....

  2. Signed up for Remains of the Day. Peer pressure. Or complete journal envy. Can't afford to get Shosh's papers though. Shipping too spendy to Canada.