16 February 2010

OWOH pictures

These are the pictures of the journal covers I created for the prize winner to choose from. There is a more shabby/ pastel cover which is nearly all vintage fabrics and then the brighter "POW" cover which is a lot of fun.

Incidentally, I have emailed the winner and have yet to hear back. I am giving her another day or so until I draw another name. I have to say I was waiting eagerly by the email yesterday so see if I managed to win anything this year. Last year I did not win a thing but lady luck was with me this year. I won SEVEN giveaways!! I will post more on those later (maybe as I receive them?)

These pix below are the wool felt cuff bracelet that will be heading off to Nelly. I hope you like it. Its lots of vintage buttons and trims along with wool felt and some hand stitching. Fun for spring.

Hope everyone is having a great day. While mine has been rather frustrating personally, I sure am enjoying the spring weather we are having. Its a nice break before the next bout of rain starts.


  1. Those covers are fabulous!!! and lookie at your cuff -- it is beautiful!!!

  2. you won 7! oh my, I thought I was good at winning 5!!!! Your journal cover and cuffs are beautiful, so delicate and well made, those are lucky winners.

    I wanted to tell you your note book and stamp are on the way :)

  3. Hi Heather - I absolutely love it! It arrived yesterday and its truly beautiful!!! Thanks again for the opportunity to win it and for the honor to receive such an awesome, unique and one of kind art creation.