27 September 2009

mosaics and motherhood

Well the little has been off at school for 2 weeks now. We're still struggling with the morning routine and the carpooling but it will smooth out.

In other news, last weekend my friend Vicki and I did the San Juan Bautista Chicken Festival as vendors. Here are some pictures of our booth. I have done TONS of shows but this was my first selling my art and I am pleased to say that while the traffic/ sales were kind of slow, we did have good feedback and generated a fair amount of interest. We are currently looking for some other venues for selling before the holidays and are building out our website. To tide us over until we launch that (in our spare time) we are adding things to our new Etsy shop! You can visit it and give us some feedback by clicking HERE. Also, if you are so inclined, please join our Facebook page where we will offer specials and preview new items from time to time. We had a variety of items from frames to boxes and our most popular item, handmade, mosaic crosses. My Mom provided us with candles and brooches and I also had journals and notecards . It was great to step back and see our booth as a whole and see the inadvertent color stories and realize we had created over 80 mosaic pieces for the show!

I have to say that this summer has been really cool for me because I have finally achieved some of my personal goals by starting an art business selling my actual, physical art. I have made better friends with a kindred spirit that I have known of nearly 10 years and we have made this with our own hands and souls and the blessings of our spouses and families. I feel very blessed.


  1. This is GREAT, Heather! Your mosaics are fabulous!
    I miss you, my friend :)

  2. The items on the pictures looked beautiful. Your mosaics are made really well. I hope your business on your new Etsy shop becomes successful.