17 September 2009

First day of school

Hi Gang, One again I have gone weeks with no update. I am just not in the blogging mode, er, computer mode. I have done some dinking around here and there but largely my computer sits in the corner until DH comes home and logs on to play Mafia Wars. I admit that I have fallen victim to the simplicity of the one line update at Facebook and then going about my business.

Anyway, so much going on here. We had a nice long summer but the little finally went back to school this week. Of course, that came to a screeching halt as she got sick and she is currently resting on my bed under a pile of blankets.

This is a picture of Hannah and her "adopted" brother and sister on the first day of school. They have become quite the inseparable bunch this summer and we have taken to practically living at their house. Part of this is due to the fact that one of their mommies and I have begun our own art business. We have been in the studio pretty much daily for the past couple of months and will be doing out first craft fair this weekend. Great timing considering all three kids are home sick, and my hub is on a long business trip back east. Yeah.. Murphy's Law! If anything possibly can go wrong, it will. But we perservere and will just do the best we can.

Shortly after the craft fair we hope to launch a website and offer our creations to the world. We may hit Etsy and I promise I will let everyone know when that happens. In the meantime I will take my camera and get some pix of what we have been up to so I can share them here. I promise to try to be better about the blogging but I guess I just needed a break!!


  1. I hope the craft fair goes really well for you! Can't wait to see what you are selling!

  2. nice to hear from you Heather...Hannah looks adorable heading out for her first day of school...i hope she is feeling better soon...i can't wait to hear more about and see what you have been up to!!!

  3. Hope all goes well at the craft fair. Sometimes we all need a break from blogging as it can tend to takeover if we let it

  4. I know what you mean - Facebook is so much easier at times.

  5. Congratulations on your new business venture Heather! How wonderful to have someone nearby to collaborate with!

  6. Cograts on your new venture. You are super talented!! I love your profile pic!! So Pretty!! I know how you feel about not being on the computer or blogging much. I have been in that spot for a while.Feeling a little in the dumps.This to shall pass.

  7. I hope she get well very soon. Your children are so adorable.

    God bless your family!