10 December 2008

a whole lotta craftiness going on...

In keeping with the Buy Handmade pledge, I am trying to shop and make many of my Christmas gifts this year. I actually started early but of course so many ideas are coming at the last minute. LOL

Some of the things I have been creating this week are these cute crayon rolls for some of Hannah's friends. I made one for her, of course, and she uses it a lot. She likes having a way to tote around her crayons and a little notebook with her. These are super fun and I hope that her friends love them as much as she does. The design prompted me to to make a larger one for knitting needles and I will be making a couple of pens/ pencils for journaling kits. I am excited to work on those.

Today, my pal Shosh came down for a little girly art time. She had a swap thing to finish and I had intended to work on my design team project but got inspired by her journal making and decided to play with ephemera. I won't share much because I worked on some other pressies but here is a sneak peek of some artsy bits.

All in all, we had a good day. Coffee, yummy lunch, art and laughter. We need to do it much more often. I am back to work on trying to figure out whast to get the Mom that has everything. Ideas??


  1. I always get my mom books or yummy foods. It's my DAD that I can never buy for.... Good luck!
    (those crayon rolls are great!)

  2. The crayon rolls are adorable! I've seen jewelry rolls and the knitting needle rolls as well - such a fan of these!

  3. Lovin' the crayon rolls! The last craft show I went to did something similar to the crayon roll, but they used a towel - and called it a toiletry roll! How about that?!

    As for the mom who wants for nothing... gift certs for pedi/mani/massage/dinner etc...

  4. Heather, I love the crayon rolls! Any kid would love, love, love them!!!

  5. What an adorable idea! I love it!!

  6. That is so darn cute, clever and creative. Happy Holidays