15 December 2008

havin' a ball

On a whim, I picked up two big bags of pom-poms at Michael's one day while shopping for a few odds and ends for various projects. I gave Hannah a threaded needle and told her to have a ball stinging them. She was off to a good start when she decided to throw in the towel so mama picked up where she left off and we made these cute pom pom garlands.

Although they don't really go with the decor we used this year ( white, cream, silver, pink, red) they brighten up our otherwise unadorned windows and make me happy. Its such an easy (and cheap) craft for little and big kids, proving instant gratification and a lot of bang for the buck.

(sorry for the lousy pix, the weather has been dark and rainy)


  1. Ooh I wanted to do this too... so fun! Love your new banner!! :)