11 November 2008

the face of forty...

Hi All, my computer is "in the shop" so I just thought I'd check in from the little's computer. I strung the cable out to the living room so I could get online.. LOL Just a reminder that I will draw a name for the ornaments shown in the post below on Saturday night so if you are interested, leave a comment!!

Not much else to share.. I don't have any opther pix to upload right now since I am not on my computer. I hope to get it back tomorrow. I am just going to post a recent journal lay out I did until I get back.. Hopefully I will also have another Karin update to share tomorrow as well. So if you are waiting for news, keep an eye on her blog!! Cheers


  1. Hey Heather!

    Happy Birthday coming up for you! I wish you the best day!

    I have tagged you. Come and see at www.happydayart.typepad.com

    Hope you are well and see you when I see you.


  2. That birthday is right around the corner! Hope you have a great one! I never understand why people don't like their birthdays - they are such fun days and I look at it as a celebration of another year of (hopefully) health and happiness.

  3. Happy Birthday girl!! Your ornaments are adorable.

  4. Wow! Happy early birthday! I just turned 40 on November 7. Everyone says that these are supposed to be our best years ever! What do you think? Hope you have the greatest one ever and to chat soon!


  5. I love this journal page! Happy Birthday too! The Fab Forties. I'll soon be there myself : )