09 September 2008

when things go right for a change...

Don't you love it when you a project in your head turns out well? This was something I had been dreaming of every since I received something similar from Jeanne in the Hippity Hop Easter Swap this spring. While Jeanne's is full of happy spring colors I knew I wanted an outlet to use more aged, vintage tones and some of the collection of old lace, linens and doilies I have been storing. I was a big hesitant with this one but just started sewing along and am super happy with the results. I used a vintage cabinet card in mine because I couldn't find a picture of Hannah that was the right size but this can easily be switched out. Of course anything pretty and vintage looking wouldn't be complete without a touch of old millinery, at least in my book so I topped this off with a posie and velvet leaf that adorned a package from Lori. I can't wait to make more. I feel so much better now that my sewing machine is back out and in use.


  1. Oh I love that! It is great when something in your head turns out just the way you envisage it. Love the colours, so soft and girly..
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  2. Joy@ The Vintage Rabbit9/10/08, 7:28 AM

    LOVE your new banner Heather!!! Your killing me with those adorable bunnies!!!!

    Your Daughter is so cute! She is growing up so fast!!!


  3. Oh, Heather, this is fantastic! I LOVE it!!!!

  4. ohhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhh I love these!



  5. Ohh, it looks like you've been having such fun with your sewing machine! I especially love the addition of the flower and leaf. Beautiful touch.