27 September 2008


As my SIL so eloquently posted on her Facebook, because we have been in this together.. "I have been sewing like a sweatshop worker" over the last week. My big project was this mini Marie Antoinette dress for the little person. Its her favorite colors. I had never sewn with satin before and I'll tell ya I won't be again any time soon! Still, despite the difficulties with the satin, and the pattern being a little bit too advanced for me, I think it rurned out pretty cute and Hannah LOVES it so that is what matters most. I found this lavender and pink feathered fan to match on eBay and was delighted that it arrived before we go to the Renn Faire tomorrow where our little princess will debut her gown.

I have also been sewing a new vest and tunic for my own Renn Faire outfit. Lots of tweaking the pattern and a last minute decision to dye the tunic. Its in the rinse cycle now, so no pix yet. Maybe tomorrow when I have it on.

Aside from all the sewing, I have been plugging away at design work. I have been working on bits for Adair's site.. I shared the splash page below. I am just so excited about this project and I love working with her and bouncing ideas off of each other. Just a quick note that she is having a fun giveaway on her blog this weekend. Go check it out!

Brian and I are just tweaking some little details on Jessica's site and then it will be live. I think she is going to have some really cute things so be sure to keep your eye on her launch.

I also have been working with Amanda on a new look for her website. I got kind of stuck on the font but then remembered my good friend Joleen had made some digital freebies including this big font. She graciously let me use it for Amanda's work and we were all thrilled with how it turned out. I hope Joleen makes some other stuff because her doodles and writing are so cool. I just saw on her blog that she is having a clearance sale in her Etsy shop to get ready for new things for the holidays. Maybe you can start your holiday shopping early!

Oh, and speaking of Etsy.. I have a few things listed in MY SHOP.. including a batch of my JUNQUE packs which are great for ATCs, cards and mixed media projects. They are chock full of all sorts of stuff from buttons, vintage wallpaper scraps, papers, collage images, fabric, trim, crepe paper, cards, bits, bob, doo dads, findings, amd more. I mention this because I will be moving my shop to Lollishops once it opens in November and probably most of this stuff will not be listed there. I will be changing my focus so i am trying to clean house a bit. Have a great Sunday!


  1. The dress is so beautiful! You did a great job on it....

  2. I can't wait to see Hannah in the costume. It looks fabulous. Ah...I miss making those costumes for my own daughter. Where did that little girl go?

  3. Mini Marie! Oh how utterly sweet! Will she have a tall wig with a ship in it? That would be adorably funny.

  4. Great job on the dress,
    Susannah x

  5. I think the little dress is beautiful. You did an excellent job of it!