28 July 2008

dust, sun, henna, bloody noses, stinking roses and a car crash

Oh yeah, and toe rings... I guess that about sums up my weekend working at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. I think out of 30 festivals that they have had I have worked at 29 in one capacity or another. I started when I was about 9 working with our 4-H club and then eventually moved into the family business selling either t-shirts or garlic products. One year I was 8 months pregnant and I volunteered at the Bone Marrow Drive booth, one year we all just skipped it all together. It weird to look back and remember all the years of preparation, setting up, camping in the booths, running around, trading with vendors. There are many fond memories, friends and fun but lately it has just been another job and a hard one. I have been on my feet for nearly 12 hours a day in close to 100 degree heat, lots of dust and dried grass, but I have lived to tell about it!

Last night as we were closing up, I drive the truck (my husband's) in to load up. Some guy pulling a huge trailer was driving out and not paying attention and ran me off the road. I ran into a fire hydrant. Ugh. It did not explode, thank god, but it did scrape up the side of the truck pretty darned bad. I didn't realize it until I had parked and the other guy was long gone. Fortunately hubby was very understanding and just thankful that I was ok. I am, just mad. Grrrr.

Today I am sore. My feet feel dry and despite a good scrubbing they still feel dirty. As soon as I am done with this post I am treating myself to a good pedicure and some new books for the plane ride on Wednesday. I can't believe I will be in Ok with Holly & Donna in 3 days!! I am so excited but very short in the present department. Need to do something about that. I'll let you see the toe rings and henna when my feet are presentable. More soon....

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  1. Heather, how fun!!! i hope you have a great time with those two wonderful girls!!!